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Sun Feb 26 22:01:14 PST 2006

Tonight on the Chicago NPR station WBEZ, the Joe Frank episode was "Insomnia"  and it was Joe going on about how he was obsessing over some sound technician who borrowed $1000 from him then never repaid him then Larry talking about Robert Redford's NYC penthouse and so on.
I bought a copy of the In The Dark show titled INSOMNIA on casette from KCRW way back when and it is TOTALLY different.  It's not Joe's voice at all, it's somone else - some stand up comic, his name escapes me.  It's produced in a Joe way, it is one of his shows, in the past he made a few using other voices instead of his own. Also, this is a 30 minute program; tonight's program was 60 minutes.  
This is interesting to me.  The INSOMNIA program I heard tonight, I'd never heard it before, it totally different from the I.T.D/Insomnia program I have on tape.   Anybody know anything about this?  Are these shows related in some way, or do they just have the same title?  The 60-minute Insomnia I heard tonight on the radio, what series is that from?  
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