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Thanks for the welcome and the info

On 11/29/06, shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu <shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Welcome, Doug.
> I'd also be happy to see original air dates added to the wiki; however, if
> such a list exists, it has never been made public.
> The WFMU FAQ has programs listed by year and possibly ordered
> chronologically, although they don't explicitly mention to what the years
> refer.  They may be production dates, KCRW air dates, or the year a tape
> arrived on someone's desk at WFMU. (One might expect the three to be
> similar, at least for most programs.)
> Given Joe's habit of re-working older material and occasionally releasing
> different programs with the same name, trying to listen to the whole canon
> in order is by no means a trivial task.  If you make any progress on finding
> air dates, I'd love to hear about it.
> The question of ordering the Karma series came up a while ago.  What
> follows is a repost of my best guess at the proper order for those
> particular programs.
> Best,
> Erik
> -------------
> The WFMU FAQ has a list which may be in original broadcast order.  Main
> page is at http://wfmu.org/JF/ and the relevant part is at
> http://wfmu.org/JF/joe_show.html#2001_1
> There's also the defunct KCRW page, which seems to have been maintained in
> reverse chronological order except where programs are removed.  A snapshot
> with most of Karma is at:
> http://web.archive.org/web/20001206141400/http://www.kcrw.org/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?tmplt_type=program&show_code=jf
> According to both sources the order is:
> karma part 1-7
> bad karma
> Karma 4 dollars
> karma don't deny me
> Karma Redux
> Small World Karma
> Waiting for Karma
> Karma Memories
> Karma Crash
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