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No, the ex-husband who delivers the final tirade is the actor Mark Hammer,
who was working at Arena Stage in Washington DC at the time and performed
all the scenes over the phone with his wife (DC to LA). Larry played the
president of the company called, "Rent-a-Family," who attempted to
rationalize his vision. Barbara Sohmers played the unhinged ex-wife--a
wonderfully talented person who also appears in a short film available on
the web site called "Memories." I've been out of touch with her for years.
She could be the writer of mystery novels (I think she spoke of that
ambition). When last I communicated with her she had been ill with a disease
that affected her ability to speak and therefore could no longer perform as
an actress. I am shocked to hear that she died--if she's the same person.



Quoting Larry Dunn <majestic_cheese at yahoo.com>:

> Any ideas on that misanthropic tirade by Larry Bloch's
> character at the end of the Rent a Family trilogy?
> I just finished listening to the trilogy for the first
> time in years and I was curious as to that
> blackhearted end note by the character, who I assume
> is Eleanor's ex-husband (Bloch had been playing that
> character, masterfully, before the tirade).
> By the way, anyone know if that was Barbara Sohmers
> playing Eleanor?  If so, was she the same Barbara
> Sohmers who wrote a few mystery novels as well?  (I
> believe the author Ms. Sohmers passed away.)
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