[joe-frank-list] Sequential listing of broadcasts from different series?

Will Irace spblat at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 20:11:30 PDT 2006

Good heavens, I would be so pleased if I could get my hands on such a list.

18 months ago (or longer), I copied an old KCRW page off the wayback machine:


A distillation of this data is available here:


Back then, this is what I wrote about the data on that page:

   1.  Column 1 is a sort ranking, if known. Sort by this column to
get what just might be the order of broadcast, for those programs that
were in the KCRW list. And it might not. These numbers were entered
into Excel in an inserted column after reversing the list obtained
from this archived kcrw page
By now this ranking is nearly useless.
   2. Column 2 is the program titles, with the above tweaks applied.
   3. Column 3 is the broadcast year as reported by the membership
page on joefrank.com. A year in this column also means the program is
available for listening by subscription online.
   4. Column 4 is the broadcast year as reported by KCRW (if known).
   5. Column 5 is The Epoch (if known). There are a few programs where
this is still uncertain.

If someone were in the mood to make sense of this, or if someone can
produce any data about original air dates, I would be very pleased to
create an entry in the Wiki rerflecting that information.


On 8/8/06, Larry Dunn <majestic_cheese at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Is there a listing somewhere of the original airdate
> for each Joe Frank radio program?  I would imagine
> not, as the Wiki has missing airdates, but I thought
> it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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