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I'm sorry but I just have to chime in on this. For the last time: Welsh 
plus actress does not equal Catherine Zeta Jones. Please stop!

If everyone's going to constantly being this up, let's go one step 
farther. CZJ (Kate) visits Joe on the set of the Game, where he's in a 
scene with Michael Douglas.
Their eyes lock, it's an awkward moment, she's there to meet Joe, but 
she'd irreversibly drawn to Michael. Joe introduces them, disturbed by 
the obvious attraction. They joke about on the ride home, but clearly 
something has changed.
Catherine stops calling him, Joe's concerned, he's not sure what to do 
then he sees her with Michael, together in the tabloids...
What does it mean? This makes Michael Douglas, Felix Mandelsmann, the 
wealthy European that Joe so feared in his dreams!

If we're going to do this do it right,


David Smith wrote:

> Mondo,
> Actually I am quite obsessed myself. I am a bit ashamed of this fact, 
> but it is true. I guess because of being a guy and all, and we are not 
> "supposed" to be gossipy and stuff, but it really seems like a worthy 
> mystery to try and solve, so count me in. Also, I love that 
> Krishnamurti quote at the end of your message ("It is no measure of 
> health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."- 
> Krishnamurti), and I hadn't heard that one before. He is pretty much 
> my all time hero (him and joe oddly enough.. ha) So, you are not alone 
> in your quest to discover out who Kate is. So far the Katherine Zeta 
> theory seems the most fantastical and yet gripping of possibilities, 
> and I really haven't heard any good alternatives yet.
> David
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> >I was excited at the prospect of hearing fresh (and healthy) JF 
> through the NPR site. However, it seems to be just an excerpt from a 
> previous show.
> >Also... although it appears such trivialities are not for everyone on 
> this list, I'm on a mission to find out who "Kate" is. For those who 
> want to join me in my quest, try scouring www.imdb.com . Mondo
> >
> >
> >"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick 
> society."- Krishnamurti
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