[joe-frank-list] Question for the music (clip included)

Hunter Ochs hunterochs at gmx.net
Tue May 17 06:46:41 PDT 2005

Oh that song.

It's called Spacebeach and appears on Arling & Cameron's Music For Imaginary




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> Ah, I apologize--I thought you said it just wasn't the "Brazil" one.
> I've uploaded the clip from the beginning of Karma part 6 to the site, at:
> http://www.fakepope.com/joefrank/clips/karmapt6.mp3
> Maybe a lawyer will find it and send me a cease and desist and we can find
> out what song it is that way. ;)
> As far as I can tell it's another Portuguese song that starts off in Am7,
> goes to A7, and then to a chord I'm not sure of.
> The first two chords are (for those of use who like Joe's music and also
> play guitar):
> Am7: 5-x-5-5-5-x
> A7:  5-x-5-6-5-x
> If you type this into google:
> site:www.bossanovaguitar.com am7 a7
> You get quite a large list of suspects. I looked at some of the ones by
> Antonio Carlos Jobim but didn't see any that matched quite right.
> I'll forward the clip on to my uncle and see if he knows, he's a big
> Portuguese music fan.
> Beau.
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>> On my Joe Frank music page
>> I have two
>> entries for Karma:
> Thanks, but as I said, I've already listened to the
> music on the Joe Frank music websites, and it's not
> any of the pieces listed.
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