[joe-frank-list] Question for the music (clip included)

Beau Gunderson beau at nwcr.net
Mon May 16 19:10:44 PDT 2005

Ah, I apologize--I thought you said it just wasn't the "Brazil" one.

I've uploaded the clip from the beginning of Karma part 6 to the site, at:


Maybe a lawyer will find it and send me a cease and desist and we can find
out what song it is that way. ;)

As far as I can tell it's another Portuguese song that starts off in Am7,
goes to A7, and then to a chord I'm not sure of.

The first two chords are (for those of use who like Joe's music and also
play guitar):

Am7: 5-x-5-5-5-x
A7:  5-x-5-6-5-x

If you type this into google:

site:www.bossanovaguitar.com am7 a7

You get quite a large list of suspects. I looked at some of the ones by
Antonio Carlos Jobim but didn't see any that matched quite right.

I'll forward the clip on to my uncle and see if he knows, he's a big
Portuguese music fan.


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>On my Joe Frank music page 
>I have two
>entries for Karma:

Thanks, but as I said, I've already listened to the
music on the Joe Frank music websites, and it's not
any of the pieces listed.

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