[joe-frank-list] Question for the music afficionados

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sun May 15 16:21:46 PDT 2005

My knowledge of music is embarrassing, so I have to
ask some of those cooler and hipper than I (a large
group) what a piece of music from Joe's "The Other
Side" broadcasts is.

It's what we might call the "theme music" to the
numbered Karma series.  No, not "Brazil," the other
one, slow and sad, starting with an acoustic guitar. 
For those of you with subscriptions, it's the very
first thing you hear in Karma 6, but it is there in
almost all of the numbered Karma broadcasts.

Anyone know what it is?  I've listened to the music
listed on the "Music of Joe Frank" websites for the
Karma series, and it's not anything listed.  I wonder
if someone wrote it for Joe, especially for Karma.  Thanks.

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