[joe-frank-list] Wow--Joe Frank appreciation voicemail 1-888-220-7523

B T uhohjf at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 16:22:53 PDT 2005

Talk about slackers.  Nice to see I'm not the only one-- the irony.

Thanks again for sharing.  You'll hear them soon.


--- B T <uhohjf at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Sorry, better make that 9 hours left, defunct at 4:00pm Pacific Standard
> Time,
> today, FRIDAY.
> Enough.  Bob
> ==========
> Dear Joe Frank listeners,
> There's little more than 16 hours left.  This voicemail number will be
> defunct
> at around MIDNIGHT (give or take an hour or two) Pacific Standard Time, today
> You know what to do.  
> Thanks all for contributing thus far.
> Bob deux
> ===Sent April 15=====
> Dear loyal and new listeners of Joe Frank,
> I have been meaning to create something like this for quite a very long time,
> and it would seem very appropriate to get it started immediately now.
> I have set up an 888 voicemail number with unlimited minutes for listeners to
> call and leave messages/anecdotes along the lines of:
> -how Joe's program has touched your life, good or bad
> -how you've come to hear of Joe's work
> -how Joe has created some meaning or void in your life
> -etc etc, though any comments/ponderings are welcome
> My goal was and still is to compile these and mix them with Joe's droning
> ambience muse and make it freely available to both Joe and fans, with the
> sole
> purpose of showing how much Joe has indeed influenced our lives-- good and
> bad.
> In light of recent news, there is also an option to choose for those who
> would
> like to leave a get well message for Joe. These specific messages will be
> forwarded to the Joe Frank team of www.joefrank.com and therefore be made
> available to Joe himself.
> This is not to detract from cards or letters you plan on sending to him, but
> to
> add another format of communication, a format we are all too familiar with
> from
> his shows.  And who knows, maybe it is cathartic to light a match and watch
> and
> smell the flames engulf the letters in a studio.
> So feel free to call 24/7:  1-888-220-7523*
> Bob deux
> *Note: This is created by me, a long time listener of Joe Frank.  I am not
> affiliated with him or www.joefrank.com in any other way, shape, or form.
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