[joe-frank-list] LAST DAY @ 4:00pm PST--Joe Frank appreciation voicemail 1-888-220-7523

B T uhohjf at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 07:19:55 PDT 2005

Sorry, better make that 9 hours left, defunct at 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time,
today, FRIDAY.

Enough.  Bob

Dear Joe Frank listeners,

There's little more than 16 hours left.  This voicemail number will be defunct
at around MIDNIGHT (give or take an hour or two) Pacific Standard Time, today

You know what to do.  

Thanks all for contributing thus far.

Bob deux

===Sent April 15=====

Dear loyal and new listeners of Joe Frank,

I have been meaning to create something like this for quite a very long time,
and it would seem very appropriate to get it started immediately now.

I have set up an 888 voicemail number with unlimited minutes for listeners to
call and leave messages/anecdotes along the lines of:

-how Joe's program has touched your life, good or bad
-how you've come to hear of Joe's work
-how Joe has created some meaning or void in your life
-etc etc, though any comments/ponderings are welcome

My goal was and still is to compile these and mix them with Joe's droning
ambience muse and make it freely available to both Joe and fans, with the sole
purpose of showing how much Joe has indeed influenced our lives-- good and bad.

In light of recent news, there is also an option to choose for those who would
like to leave a get well message for Joe. These specific messages will be
forwarded to the Joe Frank team of www.joefrank.com and therefore be made
available to Joe himself.

This is not to detract from cards or letters you plan on sending to him, but to
add another format of communication, a format we are all too familiar with from
his shows.  And who knows, maybe it is cathartic to light a match and watch and
smell the flames engulf the letters in a studio.

So feel free to call 24/7:  1-888-220-7523*

Bob deux

*Note: This is created by me, a long time listener of Joe Frank.  I am not
affiliated with him or www.joefrank.com in any other way, shape, or form.

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