[joe-frank-list] Re: joe-frank-list Digest, Vol 23, Issue 4

Justin Kempton justin at kempton.com
Tue May 3 10:15:33 PDT 2005

A few thoughts on buddhists, and other people seeking peace.

Robert Holland wrote:

>the only people who complained to me were the Buddists,
>because their computer didn't want to restart right
>away. Oh, they gave me nasty glares when I expressed
>the karma of the situation--and that they should call
>Dell tech support.
This is not a surprise. I've had similar experiences. Have you ever 
heard the old joke "Anyone who goes to see a psychatrist needs to have 
his head examined"... Buddhism is not so much a religion as it is psycho 
therapy. People seeking peace don't already have peace.

Just because Kornfield talks with peace, does not mean listeners are 
expected to be transformed into Kornfield. There is a 'path'.

Buddhism in the West is a fairly new thing, and for that reason almost 
more pure. 'We' are inventing a new sect, due to our language, and also 
due to the nature of how we see reality. Just as Catholicism was 
transformed when it reached Mexico, Buddhism is transformed as it 
reaches California and the United States. fortune cookies were invented 
in Los Angles, so were flour tortillas, and the California Roll. There 
are and will continue to be, many voices representing the philosophy of 
Asia, Kornfield being one of them.

Joe's inclusion of Kornfield is brilliant. When people talk, they are 
talking to someone, seeking validation, or council, or dominance. 
Talking about it, is not the same thing as doing it --- but, then again, 
it's a wonderful artform.

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