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Sun May 1 17:16:41 PDT 2005

Steve Schneider:  I enjoyed your Kornfieldian ruminations.  I  think many of 
us would like to have the "realization" and "detachment" that  Kornfield seems 
- genuinley - to have.  But I think it goes beyond the  idea that we perhaps 
should cherish our "inner conflict;" though  we musn't repress it either, 
which seems the problem with Jack's tao.   A couple of years ago, on a Joe show, I 
talked about a few days of real  frustration I had about something, and how I 
tried to lay some  "Kornfieldian" letting go on the situation, but without 
much success.   Then, after a day or so, it just went away.  And I realized -  
in  that moment of Zen - that while you can't really push anything  out of your 
mind,  if you are patient with the pain, it often goes away by  itself. 
Ksanti.  Larry Block
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