[joe-frank-list] Kornfield

Tom McDonald awkwardgrace at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 14:57:23 PDT 2005

The topic of Kornfield is interesting. 

The person who mentioned him on the Kate thread said
the Kornfield segments are boring compared to the
other parts of the JF tapestry. I might have agreed
with this the first few times I heard them. 

But after a while I began to really dig the contrast
between Kornfield's voice and philosophy, and the rest
of the episodes. Then came appreciation of the
musicality of his voice (it felt too new-agey soft and
sing-songy at first blush). Then came the realization
that Kornfield has some extremely worthwhile insights
and notions. I'd wager JF's motive is not to hold up
Kornfield to scorn or laughter, but to enrich the
tapestry, to change the pace, to set up a tension that
can resolve pretty pleasantly the more the voice of
Kornfield sinks into the listen. 

Let me put it this way, if Kornfield had his own NPR
show I probably would have turned the dial everytime
it came it--I'd have written it off as dippy
self-helpage. It took JF, so cynical and dark and
ironic and suffering, to present Kornfield in a way
that made me see the worth of it. 

Ironically it appears I've spend more money on
Kornfield's audio books than on JF material! (Well,
that's only because it seems painfully easy to me to
download a Kornfield book from the Apple music store
or Audible.com--I REALLY wish JF shows were available
for purchase via those venues.)

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