[joe-frank-list] Re: Joe's Illness

babylulu at cybercom.net babylulu at cybercom.net
Wed Jun 29 22:12:57 PDT 2005

Jesus Christ! 

Will you guys please give this lame ass back-biting a break? 

You all sound like a bunch of crabby old biddies. 



Larry Dunn writes: 

>>Thank you!  
>>I'm glad someone was able to speak out against this 
>>moronistic pointless discussion.
> Yeah, with a sucker punch.

>>Alas! my inbox has been spared.
> Glad to hear that you got such enjoyment and a
> refreshing change of pace from hearing of Joe's
> serious illness.  At least someone is digging it -- I
> myself was horrified.

> By the way, it's "moronic," not "moronistic."

> Oh, and trim your messages.  :D

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