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Tue Jun 28 13:18:54 PDT 2005

Yeah?  Ok, well I'll post something.  While my inbox
has been flooded with this breathtakingly fascinating
message-trimming discussion, people seem to have
ignored the news about Joe Frank's state of health and
forthcoming work.  Am I the only one who received
this?  I'll paste it below.    

Oh, but never mind, the message trimming thing is far
more interesting.


Thanks to everyone who has written Joe wishing him
well over the past few months. Here's (briefly) what

In mid-January, Joe was laid up, unable to walk.
Medication he was taking led to internal bleeding and
a week (February 18-25) at St. John's Hospital in
Santa Monica.

Then, in the early morning hours of April 5th, Joe
experienced severe abdominal pain. His girlfriend
drove him to the emergency room where, after a battery
of diagnostic tests, Joe was told he had experienced
sudden, irreversible kidney failure (Joe lost his
other kidney in 1991).

After three weeks in the hospital, where he began
dialysis treatments, Joe returned home. He now goes
for dialysis three times a week.

The ordeal was initially shocking and overwhelming.
Joe lost the stamina and motivation to work. In time,
though, he began to keep a journal and to record phone
conversations with his radio collaborators.

With this material, Joe is now in the process of
creating a new radio series based on his experience
called, "The Santa Monica Book of the Dead."

Since early April, we have committed our time to
helping Joe with his personal affairs and have not had
a chance to add new Premium content. We are grateful
to the loyal and committed Members of JoeFrank.com.
Because of you, we will be able to upload new Premium
content (in addition to Joe's new series), and
continue to keep all of the archived shows available
for all Premium Members.

Later this week, Premium Members will be able to see
two highly produced comic Joe Frank films (which
appeared in his live performances in Chicago and San
Francisco) plus a few other items we will upload. And
we'll move quickly ahead implementing our plan to
improve the site, offer downloads, T-shirts, and more.

Keep checking www.joefrank.com for updates and we'll
send a Newsletter out announcing the first installment
of Joe's new series.

Thanks again for your continued support,

The Joe Frank Team

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