[joe-frank-list] recording techniques/legal issues, etc

El Presidente, Erik Estrada estrada9 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 15:32:51 PDT 2005

i was wondering if anyone had an interest in making their own radio-ready broadcasts and have ideas about the process.  such as:

- writing for radio (i.e. dialogue, monologue, plays, narrative, etc.)
- techniques (i.e. mixer settings, effects, mic placement, recording your voice, how to speak in a radio-friendly manner, etc.)
- how to get from an idea to the end product

i remember reading a joe frank interview where he was talking about the distinctive sound of his voice on his later broadcasts.  apparently it was somewhat accidental and was created by playing back the tape after using a certain kind of noise reduction.  i forget the details.  anyway, thought some of you might be interested in a thread of this nature.

Derrick Estrada
for president
estrada9 at gmail.com
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