[joe-frank-list] JF VO in Movie Trailer

Chavez, Aaron, ISD achavez382 at worldsavings.com
Wed Jun 15 10:08:43 PDT 2005

"in-a-world guy" OMFG ROTFL!  It _is_ Joe isn't it?!?  Do you know this
for a fact?  I thought it was just any ole' "I-A-W-G" leathery voice
over, but it's definitely got Joe's clipped phrasing.  Cool.  

Movie looks typical, but a little odd.

there's never been quite such a fool
who could fail to pull the whole sky over him
with one smile

  e e cummings

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Holy Crap!


I'd say Joe makes a pretty awesome "in-a-world guy", no? It's probably
fair to assume he did this work recently.

And the movie itself looks pretty outrageous.


Will "www.jfwiki.org, visit us today" Irace
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