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Beau-  EXACTLY.  I also started looking last night. Wouldn't there be  
some record of a lawsuit to be found somewhere?  And I imagine any  
sort of controversy surrounding a successful Martin Scorsese film  
would be talked about in the press, hence leaving some trail on the  

Larry Dunn-  I just find it hard to believe that JF would agree to  
settle and allow someone else take credit for his work... especially  
considering the accolades that Minion received for his "very clever  
script"  That paycheck would have to be pretty f--king fat.  Besides,  
as I understand it, plagiarism is not something a writer takes  
lightly.  And as Erik Shirokoff mentioned,  why would Minion market  
his original screenplay with the very same title as Joe's show (Lies)?

Now if Larry Block did begin working with Joe before "After Hours"  
was filmed and produced, but after the show "Lies" had aired, then  
Mr. Block may know something he isn't talking about.  Enquiring minds  
want to know.

Levent-  If we are to accept the possibility that Joseph Minion is in  
fact Joe Frank, then lets take a quick look at the name Minion.   
Which means "an underling of a powerful person"  hmmm...  I watched  
some of Minion's other films... "Vampire's Kiss" and "Motorama"  and  
while not as well directed as "After Hours" they are both dark,  
comedic tales reminiscent of JF's  style.  Merely the work of an  
enamored sycophant, or are there more sinister forces at work?

Given the fact that the original "No Show" where Joe discusses this  
issue is currently unavailable on the website,  I would like to  
petition joefrank.com to include the unedited version of the show in  
this months offering.  I believe some of us would very much like to  
revisit that episode, as well as those of us who were not fortunate  
enough to have heard it before.

On Jul 24, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Beau Gunderson wrote:

> I looked around FindLaw and some California and New York law sites and
> couldn't find the lawsuit anywhere.
> If you google for '"joe frank" "joseph minion"' you get no results,  
> which is
> kind of weird.
> '"Joe Frank" "after dark"' gives some results but none of them are  
> relevant
> to this Joe Frank or this After Hours.
> I am more and more curious.
> Beau.
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> Any idea what fills the extra 30 minutes on the two hour program?   
> I've
> never heard mention of it before.  The 90 minute version has the  
> story in
> it.
> I'm also surprised to hear Larry was in the that film.  Very strange
> coincidence.
> According to IMDB, the original script title was "Lies (USA),"   
> which is
> almost too silly to believe.  What sort of lunatic directly copies  
> whole
> passages of dialog from a work and then also copies *the title*?   
> Makes one
> wonder if the story in No Show is true or if there isn't something  
> else
> going on.
> Joseph Minion has writer credits for six or seven films, and  
> there's at
> least one interview floating around.  One can't be sure, but he  
> sounds like
> a real person, despite the name.
> According to the WFMU FAQ, Larry first appears in Joe's titled  
> programs in
> Pilot (1983), although he may have participated in the WBAI stuff  
> before
> that. (Anyone know?)  Lies was 1982, No Show 1986.  After Hours was  
> released
> in 1985.  What does that tell us?  Not much, really.  I imagine  
> Larry could
> clarify if he felt it appropriate to fill us in.
> -Erik
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>> There seems to be three versions "somewhere out there  " .
>> 1 hour
>> 1.5 hour
>> 2.0 hour..
>> While I find myself interested in this thread and I LOVD the movie  
>> After
>> Hours - -saw it way before I ever knew of Joe Frank.... Which is  
>> these
>> shows should I listen to has the scoop
>> Bob Lee
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