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Mon Jan 10 02:51:34 PST 2005

Under the December premium, I see the following things listed-   but there's 
no link to listen to them.  If they're not actually Premium audio items, I 
can't quite figure out why they're mentioned.....  please advise.

ON http://joefrank.com/shownew.html  the following are listed  but there's no 
link to the audio

Rare early Joe Frank stories    
from NPR Playhouse: 

"The Nightwatchman"
"Caldwell" (and his out-of-body experience)
"Long Island Memories," and 
"Beautiful Woman on Elevator"


>From November material- the following are listed, but there's no links

Joe Frank Short Film
"The Perfect Woman" - play time: 13:55
Joe's search for the perfect woman backfires. Joe Frank Band Rehearsal

AND from October material, the following are listed without links:

Live at Market Street" - play time: 56:10 - the audio of a Joe Frank live 
performance from Santa Monica 1988.

Joe Frank Short Film
        "Jilted Lover" - play time: 8:06
Joe stalks his ex-girlfriend and her new lover. 


Bill Milosz

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