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Beau Gunderson beau at nwcr.net
Mon Feb 7 22:27:19 PST 2005

Very, very nice!

Congratulations, Will.

Thanks for the great resource; I already had a chance to make an edit!


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I'm forwarding the following message, which doesn't seem to have made it to
the list on the first attempt.  (We'll see if I have better luck.)

- Erik

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Hello everyone:

I have started a Joe Frank Wiki!  The goal of the site is essentially
to catalog Joe Frank's body of work.  It was inspired by the Joe Frank
Reminder, a great starting point created by Erik Shirokoff.


There are no advertisements or pop-ups.

I hope you enjoy it, and more importantly I hope you will join me in
improving it.  I have included the text of the "about this site" page



Thanks for visiting the Joe Frank Wiki!

If this is your first experience with a wiki, you're in for a treat.
Wikis (of which this is one) are websites where anyone can edit
virtually any page. For this site, it means an opportunity for Joe
Frank's fans to work together to catalog his shows. The result? There
will hopefully be many results:

    * A site anyone can refer to to learn more about Joe Frank and
what to expect when listening to a particular show.
    * A way to introduce newcomers to Joe Frank and increase the
audience for his work.
    * A forum for analyzing the material in Joe Frank's shows:
understanding connections between shows, discussing the implications,

What this site needs most is a dedicated group of contributors! Have a
look at our to-do list. If you're looking for style guidelines, Higher
Learning is a good example of how a program writeup can be structured.
So dig in and get started! To experience editing a page on a wiki, go
play in the sandbox, which is a special page where it's perfectly
acceptable to edit and change content for no reason except to play and
learn. There is a user's guide to editing pages, but for those not
into manuals, click the "Edit" link at the top of any page to look at
the syntax of the text that goes into wiki formatting and learn the
tricks as you go along. If you contribute regularly, you are
encouraged (but not required) to create an account or log in.

As long as you're still reading, have a look at the disclaimer and
thoughts on copyright. There's also a FAQ (sort of), and we also have
a place dedicated to idle, random, unfocused chatter. And keep in mind
that every page on the wiki has a dedicated sub-page devoted to
discussion (see the "Discussion" tab above? That's it!).

Thanks to Erik Shirokoff for creating the Joe Frank Reminder
(http://joefrank.hopto.org) and giving his permission to re-use his
work here.

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