[joe-frank-list] Hello? Anyone there? Is this thing on? test, 1, 2 3.... check 1, 2

David Smith gofishorfigure at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 27 13:54:01 PST 2005

I'm here, but I fear it is not of much use. Also, I haven't heard a peep from the Joe Frank folks and had to unsubscribe from joefrank.com due to the lack of new content being released. If I had more money I would have stayed for the charity aspect of supporting Joe, but I can't right now. 

David S

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  I haven't seen any emails from this listserver lately, maybe my spam filter is eating them all.

  Anyone out there?  Any news about Joe?  I don't seem to recall any recent 

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  email lately either.

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