[joe-frank-list] A message from Larry Block

Robert Holland rholland356 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 23:49:32 PDT 2005

Writing a note to Joe Frank is an interesting
exercise--do you try to entertain him? What could you
write that would possibly be of interest? I get the
feeling he wouldn't find generic fanboy drivel to be
worth his time. Do you share a story with him? Send
him the latest email jokes?

I think writing to Joe Frank would be extremely
difficult. It might be best to send him a bottle of
his favorite spirits (hey, fans, what would that be?).
Although, that could get you in dutch with homeland

No, I'd prefer to write to Larry Block. I think that
would be fun, 'cuz that Larry's one crazy
m*t*er**ck*r**ng guy.

Robert Holland

--- Eric Donaldson <eric at megacyberworld.com> wrote:
> ... I'll
> be working on a note 
> for Joe this afternoon and of course hope he gets
> well soon.  Thanks for 
> the info.
> - Eric Donaldson

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