[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank heard on the radio in Chicago 24 hours aday?

Beau Gunderson beau at nwcr.net
Tue Oct 26 20:07:18 PDT 2004

I looked up 87.9 and found some interesting stuff; it could be a class D
educational station or it could be a pirate station because 87.9 as a
regular licensed channel only exists in four cities (Chicago not being one
of them)


I know there are mini-broadcasting accessories for Ipods and other MP3
players (and that they can be modified to provide a higher-power output) .
It sounds like either that or a more traditional pirate station (although
probably still involving a computer if they have a ton of episodes-they used
to be traded quite frequently as mp3s)


Looks like there are other nearby 87.9 stations too:







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I've recently been listening to a radio station in Chicago, 87.9 FM, which
is playing Joe Frank material around the clock-  Joe Frank and only Joe
Frank shows for 24 hours a day! .... no announcements, no station IDs, and
you can only hear them in certain parts of the North Side, basically from
about Addison on the south to Touhy on the north, with Lake Michigan on the
east and almost to Harlem on the west, at least I could hear them in some
places in that area as I drove around - I'm a taxi driver in Chicago.

The audio quality is very good and it's GREAT having Joe Frank on at just
the twist of a dial. (It also reminded me to get my tickets for Joe's
performance here on Friday...)

So far I haven't heard any programs repeat. 

This is a mystery! There's been no announcements or on-air explanation of
what it is.  Whatever it is, it's GREAT!

Anybody else out there on Chicago's north side that can hear this at 87.9 on

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