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Sun Nov 7 18:19:19 PST 2004

I am someone who has an intimate knowledge, and involvement, in  the  work of 
Joe Frank.  So I would counsel the breathless audiorate (my word)  to not 
place so much faith in the public way. Joe is no capitalist trying  to suck your 
money from you if you care to be nourished by his creative  output, but an 
artist whose work is not supported by the Eisners and Weinsteins  and  other 
networks of America who bring you shit for free. Joe is a bit  like Mr. Gurdjieff, 
who could buy an old rug and fix it and make a life for his  followers in a 
strange city, complete with a nice paprika chicken. But the  followers must be 
willing to give what needs to be given to  support the teaching.  Send as much 
as you can to wherever you can  find the Frankian paradigm, or, if not, then 
burn him down like all the rest of  the false gods you've run from.
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