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> But, really, what do you all do when you want to introduce Joe to a virgin? 
>  Refer them to the site?  Give them your original to borrow or a ‘backup’?  
> A mono AIFF to discourage copying?

Well there are a number of free streams on the site now.  Five programs are 
available to anyone for free -but you do have to sign up as a "free subscriber" 
and then log in.  While this might be a little confusing to some, there ARE 5 
programs available in full to act as an introduction.

Maybe the Joe Frank website people can make the free shows a little easier 
for people to hear- it's just a little confusing on 
http://joefrank.com/shows.html   where it says "In addition, we're currently uploading samples from every 
Joe Frank radio program. They will be available to everyone FREE OF CHARGE and 
should help you identify shows and choose which programs you wish to hear. 
Sign up to be a subscriber and select the "Samples" subscription."  

- instead they could just put a link that says "SOME SHOWS AVAILABLE FREE - 
CLICK HERE"  which then takes the visitor to a page where it explains, "if you 
want the free sample shows you have to fill out the form", rather than lead 
everyone to the SUBSCRIBE page and offer the "sample" subscription.  Some folks 
aren't going to read the FAQ or understand that there is such a thing as a 
"free subscription"  - it would be better to just tell visitors, "register- fill 
out this form- and give yourself a username and you can hear the free stuff."  
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