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Joe Frank Newsletter No. 4

23 March 2004


It's been busier than expected here the past few weeks. Thanks to everyone who
volunteered to beta test the new site, however, it's (sigh) not ready. We
hadn't anticipated redesigning a major portion of the site now underway. (We
know who you are and we will be in touch when the site's ready to undergo

Live Performances!

April 9th: The Evidence Room, Los Angeles, California
Joe and Sandra Tsing Low will perform pieces based on their experiences with the
General Manager of KCRW, Ruth Seymour.

For tickets: 
http://www.evidenceroom.com/main.htm or call 213-381-7118

May 15th: Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, California
Joe will be part of the Museum's exhibit: LA / Light / Motion / Dreams. More
information coming soon.


Coming in October: 
Joe Frank will perform live in Chicago at the International Third Coast Audio
Festival 2004.  More information on the way.

New On the Air!

Listen to Joe Frank programs five nights a week on XM Radio! Tune in to Channel
163, Sonic Theater, Tuesday through Saturday at 9:00pm Pacific, 12:00 midnight

For information:

Online March 27th:

KPFA and WFMU had Joe on the telephone to receive calls from listeners during
the stations' pledge drives. Listen to the entire streams online. The streams
will be posted here:



What are your favorite Joe Frank stories?  Would you like to see them expanded
and inlcuded in a new book by Joe? Send suggestions to marc at joefrank.com


The Joe Frank Team

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