[joe-frank-list] San Francisco performance

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Fri Dec 31 12:34:21 PST 2004

On Fri, Dec 31, 2004 at 08:07:52AM -0800, Gretchen Treuting wrote:
> After listening to Joe Frank's shows for nearly twenty
> years, I had to be out of town at the same time of his
> one live performance in northern California (November
> 21). Could someone describe the event? Thanks.

I attended the afternoon show.  Both were sold out.  The show was
pretty much exactly like a JF radio show with a live dancer and
trombone (or was it a trumpet?) player to accompany musical interludes
and short films to accompany some of Joe's monologue.  I seem to
recall hearing much of the content before, e.g., a homeless guy
standing on a median strip in Hollywood tells of the glamorous
lifestyle he leads when not breating motorists stopped at his traffic
light, and a guy who stops for a female hitchhiker who refuses the
ride ... the guy spies on the hitchiker and it turns out that
everyone who has tried to pick her up is also peering into her hotel
room from another hotel across the way, and others, but I have a
hard time remembering what comes from which show and what I've
heard before.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable show, well worth seeing live for a fan,
or for someone who ought to be a fan but can't be bothered to listen
to a radio program.

Joe's material is thoroughly middlebrow with very wide appeal. I
figure he could be very successful if he toured or did extended

IMHO he ought to be using the net to spread the word so to speak
rather than trying to hustle subscriptions from his existing small
fan base.

  Mike Linksvayer

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