[joe-frank-list] Audio blogging?

B. Thong uhohjf at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 7 22:42:01 PDT 2004

I just procrastinated an hour or two away searching for random information on
the net and went on a splurge into web blogging... then audio blogging, and
thought wouldn't it great if Joe started a blog? an audio blog especially?  He
could just call up some number (i would imagine) and start recording whatever
was on his mind.  Short snippets of what's going on in his life, his mind.  

I was listening to one guy's audioblog and couldn't continue.  He was sharing
stuff that was... I don't know, uninteresting.  It wasn't going anywhere.  Just
random thoughts, with the contents of which expressed the fact that he knew
what he was doing... recording a raw message to who knows where, surely
thinking that someone will listen to it.  But there wasn't any content,
meaning, anything that was being transmitted of emotional/intellectual worth.

Then, of course, I thought of Joe.  But then, in such an unedited version of
what he has to say, would it be 'compelling' enough for me to continue?  A
frightening thought.  But heck, I just need a dose of escapism, no matter how


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