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> Joe's show will be airing weekly on WBEZ Chicago starting May 16th - Sunday
> mornings at 11:00 following Harry Shearer's Le Show:


Hooray! As a Chicagoan I am really glad to see this.  I've had several email 
discussions with Torey Malatia (who runs WBEZ ) where I've tried to persuade 
him to air more Joe. I always had a sense that Torey was sympathetic to Joe's 
work, and I'm glad to see they put Joe back on.

This EMAIL from JoeFrank.Com makes a mistake I think.  Harry Shearer's Le 
Show is on at 11 PM  not AM.  At midnight they've got Ken Nordine's WORD JAZZ  
and it's a natural spot to put Joe Frank in at 11 PM between Le Show and Word 

Let's hope that this becomes permanent and in fact that the relationship 
deepens- I hope WBEZ can encourage, or even sponsor, Joe to do new material.

Bill Milosz

PS  Check WBEZ's schedule, http://www.wbez.com/schedule/schedule.asp

And Joe fans might enjoy listening to some of Ken Nordine's WORD JAZZ things- 
not  the same thing but interesting in their own way.  I like the silly humor 
that is sometimes present and I like the sound design. 
http://www.wordjazz.com/   <= includes streaming stuff.
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