[joe-frank-list] Fridays Show

Bob Lee bobl at 1amsoftware.com
Tue Apr 13 21:01:46 PDT 2004

My first time as well seeing Joe. Actually got the opportunity to meeting
him after the show ! Watching him crack up, during some of the more explicit
Ruth segments. was  a treat.
But for those of us who have not seen Joe live.  His show  is very much like
the radio show. Very well scripted, timed, with the now famous background
music.   The audience was mesmerized, laughing - crying - feeling  the
Joe may have come on stage depressed (his words), but I think everyone there
walked away - more saddened and awake with the knowledge of a life Joe put
in front of us.

The story of the why's and what happened between him and KCRW 's Ruth
Seymour turned out to be not what Joe talked about as much as what his
innermost feeling were about having another human holding a life in their
hands, wielding power at a whim, without compassion, and what that sort of
thing does to the human soul.

At least thats what I walked away from the show with.   I would love to hear
other comments..

Bob Lee

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