[joe-frank-list] about the performance on friday night

Karenladeeda at aol.com Karenladeeda at aol.com
Mon Apr 12 17:17:36 PDT 2004

ok, so we waited in line in not the best of area of los angeles.  we were going in for the 10:30 show.  Saw kevin thomas of the la times line up as well.  lots of stoned intellectuals (my favorite variety). 

 Sandra went on first.  her show was funny.  she is very animated and had a good time tearing a nameless ruth seymore apart.  she compared herself to rodney king rather than lenny bruce.  she pointed out that saying the FFFFFFFFFFF word has gotten her more attention than her clever writing style. She had tons of inside jokes.   her show was really good, but I was waiting for the main dish.  the yummy Joe.

before joe went on, smoked was pumped into the theater.  my boyfriend leaned over and whispered, "ahhh, canned l.a. air."  it smelled just as good.  then the lovely ambient music started up.  Joe walked over to his podium and was lit from below with blue neon.  it was really beautiful and my pot high was settling in perfectly.   Joe was telling the tale of his own ruth experience.  I hadn't realized that he had been fired from kcrw.  

Though Sandra's anger was engaging, sort of patty smithesque, it was too much ranting for me.  I can do that on my own.  Joe was sexy.  I mean, he was really sexy.  Joe whispers in your ear and you are on your own.  people were silently doubled over, giggling to themselves.  when he giggled over his jokes, his face was so dang cute, and the giggling so infectuous, that I wasn't sure if his came first or ours.  We were all privately giggling together.  his set was dark, so you still had the intamacy with Joe that each and every one of us so desired.  

I know there is more.  I wouldn't dare even begin to quote him or recite his show.  So, I am sure that it will be downloadable to computer near you.  I feel real lucky to have scored the tickets.  

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