[inbox] RE: [joe-frank-list] Joe Shows on KPFA

Eric Pierce epierce at rcn.com
Thu Oct 16 11:06:25 PDT 2003

> That is, of course, only possible with the Linux operating system.

FYI, this kind of ignorant snobbery doesn't help the Linux cause.

BTW, there are bunch of programs that run on Windows that can record
whatever is currently playing.  I use MP3 Sound Recorder
http://www.tongsoft.com/.  There's a free version you can play with plus a
full version for $29.95 I think.

So, either way, you could make MP3's of Joe's work from the Real Audio on
his site or the streaming audio from a radio station over the internet.  I
recommend just buying the high quality audio CDs them directly from Joe.

They're worth it.

Not sure which ones you want?

There is six years of this e-mail list archived at
http://www.joefrank.net/jfl/ that you can search.


- Eric

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