[joe-frank-list] IDENTIFY episode? help appreciated

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It sounds a little like "Death in the Family" where he talks about the
operation his step-father Freddy goes through.  As he runs, he make a
pact with God that he will finish by a certain time, gets lost, and
fails to keep his "side".  Most of the show is about how annoying Freddy
and his mother are getting as they get older (more set in their ways,
more bizarre arguments, etc.)

It's set up like he is showing home movies from his trip to Florida,
because the show starts, and you can hear a film projector going (he
keeps saying things like, "here, you can see that odd expression on my
face", as if we are all sitting in the dark, watching a film with out
sound that he is narrating.  A very chill version of six feet
underground by the sneaker pimps (dj cam version, I believe) loops in
the background.  It's a great show.

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a couple years ago i heard some really great episodes on WFMU from New 
Jersey. i think both were from 2000 or 2001. in one epsiode joe knows 
someone(an uncle or family friend?) who is in the hospital and when joe
to see him he has died. it's not the pact with god episode though. also
there was one(back from 200 i think) that was about a dysfunctional 
family. the son left home and wrote a letter saying that although he
his family he would never be able to see them again.
sorry that this so vague but i remember really enjoying these shows and
help would be greatly appreciated.

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