[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank and other "weird" radio - OTE or "Overthe Edge"

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Over the edge and (parts of?) negativeland have been on KPFA for a long
while.  The show itself has the voices of the crew, music, readings,
call-ins and random effects and copious recorded material interweaving.
It's like a dream or a trip, random but with a thread of a theme.  The
call-ins are piped straight in, sometimes decorated with audio effects
and seem completely open to content, direct audience participation.  

It goes on like this for hours.  


Great antidote to all-tape radio a la ClearChannel (shudder).





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Does anyone else listen to this strange radio show, broadcast over the
web on Thursdays from KPFA? Not the same "genius" as Joes', this one
purports to be a random event of a sort. Also gives the impression that
you might have slipped "over the edge."

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