[joe-frank-list] Live shows and pondering the KPFA interview

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Wed May 21 21:50:56 PDT 2003

Joe is reviewing his performance at South Coast Repertory and considering the 
possibility of revising and presenting the show in Los Angeles, San Francisco 
and maybe New York.  For this reason, he would prefer postponing CD and video 
production of the live South Coast Repertory show. 
Send us your recommendations for intimate theatres in these locations - 
seating between 200-500 or so -  and we'll let you know when the next 
performance takes place.  


The KPFA interview was very interesting and held some surprises for us here at 
JF.com. In quintessential Joe Frank style, the line between fact and fiction 
appeared once again to be blurred.  For example, we happen to know someone who 
knows the lady in "Terminal" who took Larry Block in that night and then 
kicked him out... and she claims this really happened. So, although Joe said 
in the interview that it was fiction, it appears, after all, to have been 
fact. Or maybe?  Who knows. Your guess is as good as ours.

The JF.com Team

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