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Damon Akins dbakins at cox.net
Thu Jun 12 16:18:27 PDT 2003

Once again, I find myself seconding Matt Shepherd. His concise reply does a
better job of ending the discussion than my longwinded reply.

His advice is sound and I for one, will take it.


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> Hi geo, and all you other Frankophiles,
> While it's always a pleasure to see my name in all caps, I'd rather not be
> dragged into a full-bore raging debate over what I hoped would be a
> disarming comment.
> I saw tempers flaring in what is usually a pretty easygoing group over the
> MP3 argument, and I thought the point that debating audio quality of a
> intended for radio is a bit redundant was a very valid point to raise. My
> hope was that people might sit back and relax about the whole thing.
> Now, whether or not you think my point is valid or not is obviously beyond
> my control, but having my name "shouted" along with the statement that you
> don't care what I think is pretty demeaning. I'd like to think that
> who contributes to this group has something to say about Joe Frank and his
> work, and that all comments made in the spirit of friendliness and
> constructive criticism will be welcome.
> > I can only
> > imagine JOE FRANK at home laughing his ass off while he reads this
> > drivel.
> Man, I hope he has better things to do. Joe, if you ARE reading this, turn
> off your computer and go do some radio. Please.
> - Matt Shepherd
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