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On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, suricata.suricatta wrote:

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> Subject: [joe-frank-list] Yet another format discussion
> >>Wouldn't it be cool if we could purchase these shows
> >>in MP3 format on CD
> I already have lots of Joe's work on MP3. It sounds horrible. That's
>what lossy compression does. It makes things small, but makes them
>sound horrible.

Horribleness is not a function of MP3 encoding, _per se_.

Many of the JF MP3s in circulation were ripped from cassette and
encoded poorly.  The format itself is not to blame.

>I personally cannot imagine why he would want to sell
>his work in any kind of compressed format. If anything, he could
>consider selling it on SACD :).

Hmmm, takes about 90% less time to burn the same number of shows,
uses 90% less plastic, costs a lot less to mail?  Shall I go on?

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