[joe-frank-list] the book

levent ozgur ghastly_fop at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 09:05:31 PDT 2003

Well, I had an amazing bit of good fortune this
weekend.  Wandering through the fiction stacks of the
great Strand bookstore in NYC, lo and behold, I found
a copy of The Queen of Puerto Rico and Other Stories. 
For $7.50.  And, unfortunately, it was the one and
only copy in the store.  Although, of course, that
place is insane...I wouldn't doubt another two or
three copies tucked away somewhere.
Either way, I'd been trying to find this thing for
The stories read incredibly well...although I find it
hard not to hear the Joe voice narrating away, and I
seem somehow compelled to put on some mellow beats to accompany.

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