[joe-frank-list] JF program descriptions online.

Erik Shirokoff shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 24 19:31:50 PST 2003

Hello -

For several months now I've been writing out a short description of every Joe Frank program I listen to.  The list has come in handy when deciding which programs to buy and to recommend to others, and for the odd name-that-show question.

The program descriptions are now online in several different formats, in case anyone else finds them useful.  I've also added some rudimentary categorization.  At the moment I have 133 programs listed, and will add the rest in time.  

Enjoy!  And feel free to send me any comments or corrections.  The descriptions are very rough at the moment - essentially unedited notes made while listening to the programs.  Someday I'll try to clean them up a bit.

The Joe Frank Reminder:


- Erik

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