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Tue Nov 27 10:24:04 PST 2012

Join us!!
First Night Monterey 2013“ Celebrate Monterey!”
Show your talents to more than10,000 people!
FNM 2013 an Imagination Celebration!
The Twilight Procession isa walking parade begins at 
Portola Plaza and processesdown Alvarado Street.
Tosubmit a proposal: please send anemail to info at firstnightmonterey.org with the following information
Groupscan be from 5 to 25 people! - How many are you bringing? What are yourcostumes? Theme?

Include     a short paragraph - Describe what you would see if you were watching your     group in the parade 
Last     Chance deadline is Friday, December     16. Sign Up today! Fax or email your application in.
Don't     forget the theme this year is "Celebrate Monterey!”

Who can apply?  (NO VEHICLES THIS YEAR!)

WALKER---Bands,     rock, folk, gospel, marching etc
Jugglers,     mimes and dancers 
Neighborhood     and community groups and non-profits 
Arts     Collectives 
Student     organizations 
Anyone     with an amazing idea worth sharing with the community

When and Where:

Monday, December 31st, 2012–     Historic Downtown Monterey, CA 
Kid’s Night Out begins at 3pm on     Colton Lawn at City Hall 
The line up for Twilight     Procession starts at Portola Plaza begins at 4:30pm
Twilight Procession begins at     5:30 pm heading down Alvarado Ave.

We look forward to seeing what you have in mind and helping to make it areality.  We are a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to providing MontereyPeninsula with a free, inter-generationally programmed, family-friendly,alcohol-free, public celebration, showcasing the unique culture of MontereyCounty through expressive, creative traditions of performing and visual arts.First Night Monterey could use your ideas, support and participation to staystrong in this time of economic turbulence. 

I have reserved a spot for us, and 25 buttons for events that night.  I am sure that if we are more than 25 strong they won't argue, just not enough pins to go around.  
I have told them we will have Heavy and Rapier Fighters, as well as walkers.  
I have made a Facebook Event, Please respond eith to me or on the Facebook page if you wil be able to attend. 

Irena zhena Barsuka
(Dawn Petersen)

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