[Darkwood-SCA] White Shield feast spots going fast!

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Thu Mar 3 17:47:27 PST 2011

There are still a few (less than 20) spots left for the White Shield feast this Saturday,
Cooked by the amazing Francisco Acero and his intrepid kitchen staff.  A few tidbits to entice you (but not the whole menu - that would be telling) of Andalusian delectables.

Selection of syrups (V)

Stuffed Eggs (V)

Mujabbana [cheese puffs] (V)

Meat Soup with Cabbage  (Beef)

Soldiers' Couscous [Kuskusû Fityâni] 

Loaf Kneaded with Butter (V)

Maghmûm, The Veiled Dish [lemon chicken]
A Sweet of Dates and Honey [date, honey-nut candy] (V)
The theme for the day is King Alfonso's Book of Games. Much merriment and entertainment is planned. 


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