[Darkwood-SCA] First Night Monterey

Dawn dawnnoelle64 at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 14:38:36 PST 2010


I know many of you might already have plans, but, some might not yet.  On Dec. 31 from 3-5pm on the lawn infront of Colton Hall, we  will be given space to have a demo to show Monterey what the SCA is about.  I am looking for fighters - Heavy and Rapier. Of course, this is also (I told the organizers) weather permitting.  We discussed last night at our Canton meeting, that we not try putting up a sunshade as we will not have time to put up and take down.  

Then, comes the procession down mainstreet Monterey at 5:30.  This is another good time for sme fun fighting, and in some cases hike the skirts of lsome of us ladies as we walk (no names will be mentioned, they know who they are - ).  

If you are not able to come fight, please consider coming and walking.  Badges will be given to us so that if you are interested in going into the venues you can.

Please let me know, either online or off, if you are available.

Thank you, 

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