[Darkwood-SCA] Highland Games

Paynter ramsheart at redshift.com
Tue Aug 3 22:22:07 PDT 2010

  Greetings people participating in the Demo,

  There is going to a Ren-Fare group representing 1562, Mary Queen of Scots. and her court.
They will be very accurate and I'm guessing they are getting paid.
  We should not try and compete with them. Just appreciate them. They are reenacting where we are recreating. It's a different Game . 
   Very similar but different. We are an educational non-profit organization !
 We need to show what we do . Let's try and stay away from that particular time frame. Go earlier ! Maybe Ireland. Go Celtic . Viking . . .
  But we do need to look good ! Be inviting , welcoming , friendly. Make it look like something they would like to do ! 
  Our last Baron and Baroness found us at the Highland Games . He wasn't too impresses , then he put on a helm. You should have seen his eyes . The rest is history !

    See you at the Games !
    Tatiana Todhunter / Vickie Paynter
     MdR Chatelaine

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