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The scene is set: 
A room full of dancers and laughter.  On the edge of the gathering is a lady in a mask decorated to look like snow and ice.  She smiles as she speaks. 
"Indeed, even the mirth of Puck himself would be hard pressed to match the joy and laughter on a night such as this."  
'Tis a fine Ball we have here in honor of Her Excellency, Baroness Rose; a bloom that thrives e'en in the cool shade of the mighty Darkwood Oak. 
She did request an event of fun and frivolity with a theme of Shakespearean fancy at its heart.  Here it is, my dear audience, which I present to you..... 
The Baroness' Masked Ball 
To be held in the great Barony of Darkwood on the 19th of September beginning at half past the hour of noon (12:30 pm) at the Masonic Lodge in Santa Cruz. 
Look yonder and you shall see one and all bedecked in masks of such creativity.  Can you guess whose eyes are flirting with you behind the guise of a wolf?  Who is that elegant couple with fairie masks that are dancing under the guidance of Master Geoffrey Matthias and Mistress Crystal of the Westermark? 
But fear not should you have no mask of your own for the crafty hands of Mistress Sabrina will help you to spin one anew to suit your fancy. 
And there too is our noble Baron Santiago gathering folk for a game of Live Chess while others all about play tavern games in the main hall and taste fine foods created by Lady Zinaida Or'shinaia.  While not a feast proper with servers abound, she shall keep the side boards groaning under the weight of fine fare aplenty through the evening, the quality of which will rival any kitchen and those who partake will not go away hungry. 
The Ball is the thing, however, and a mere thirty minutes after the clock has struck five times (5:30) in the evening the dancing shall start in full swing and all are encouraged to wear their masks while moving about the hall as Their Excellencies of Darkwood will be judging the best mask(s) of the event. 
So, come to Darkwood on September 19th to the Masonic Lodge in Santa Cruz ( 828 Branciforte Avenue ) and learn dances, play games, dine well, and attend the evening ball where colorful masks will fill the room. 
The site fee is $8.00 for members and $11.00 for non-members. 
We await your company!

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