[Darkwood-SCA] What are you doing to support your Barony?

Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye purpleviking at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 3 10:09:11 PST 2009

As you know, this Barony, like the rest of the SCA, exists thanks to the volunteers who to devote their time and efforts to the cause. Unfortunately, the pool of hardworking individuals in Darkwood has dwindled to a handful of about 15-20 people who consistently raise their hands, give of their time and keep our Barony alive. This small group is getting tired, and understandably so. 

We are the largest Barony in the Kingdom of the West, yet we cannot continue to boast of our great renown throughout with only 15-20 people doing all the work needed to keep this Barony great. So I ask: What are you doing to support your Barony?

We currently have 6 offices in the Barony that are vacant, or in need of a successor. These include Arts & Sciences, Chirurgeon, Chatelaine, Gold Key, Regalia and Page School. 

At White Shield on the 14th of this month we are going to need people willing to work gate, marshal, list page, field herald, set up and tear down the eric, serve the feast and clean up the hall at the end. 

We are looking for a Class Coordinator and teachers for our “How to Host a War” event coming up August 28th-30th. Again, we will need a full complement of volunteers to run this weekend-long event. 

Masked Ball, held on September 19th can use some volunteers as well. 

If you are willing and able to do any of these jobs please let your Seneschal, Their Excellencies Juan and Rose, or the autocrats of these events know. Even if you can only lend a hand for an hour or two, that will make a huge difference. The Barony of Darkwood is only as great as the members of its populace who make it so. 

In Service to Darkwood,
Mistress Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye, OP
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