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Tue Jan 6 10:11:28 PST 2009

Hi all,

I'm pulling my armor out on Sunday the 12th to dust it off and fix some
stuff on it. I will open my garage door around 10 and shut it when Ro tells
everyone to go home. This is a good opportunity to pull your own armor out
and look it over and see if it will pass inspection or just do some of those
modifications that you've been meaning to do every time you pull your armor
out at an event or practice. With Prize Tourney, Estrella and White Shield
fast approaching it's a good idea to look at it now so you don't have armor
failure at the event and have to sit it out. I have rivets, strapping
leather and nylon strapping, chain mail rings of various sizes and lots of
leather in various sizes. I live next to a small park where you can go and
try out a few practice swings to make sure everything is adjusted correctly.
I'm sure I could even be convinced to break out my tools to help you shape
that piece of rattan you bought ages ago into a new sword or ax.

Contact me off list if you are interested and need directions to my place.


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