[Darkwood-SCA] We will be having a new Baron and Baroness

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Mon Sep 29 12:31:13 PDT 2008

Greetings good? gentles of? Darkwood,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome welcome our successors Dame Rose and Master Juan.? We hope that all of you will welcome and support them as warmly as you have us all these years.? It takes a lot of love for the Barony to want to do this job.

We would like to thank Rowen for autocrating such a wonderful event and Anton for cooking his first feast for us and it turned out great. Thank you Master Vyncent for running our last Ball as Baron and Baroness. There are so many other people that we would like to thank but are afraid we may miss someone so we would like to thank Darkwood as a whole you guys rock! 

We would like to thank His Majesty Uther and Principality Seneschal Master Geoffrey Matthias for standing witness to our Althing and counting the votes. They both took time out of their busy schedules so we could know His Majesties choice right away. 

It has been such joy to lead a group like Darkwood.? Be it those that live within our borders or those that are part of our great unwashed, Darkwood is a state of mind and once Darkwood is in your heart she never leaves it. Individuals in this group have come to us with visions of the future and with ideas that are so inspiring and then they would make them happen bigger and better than we could ever imagine. We have not been overly secretive that we think we have had the great honor to lead the best group in the world. Our group never does things small look at twenty year.? We can be formal we can be informal but what always stays the same is that we are welcoming.? It is like coming home to family.? And as everyone knows "Only Darkwood and out Darkwood Darkwood".? We love you and we will still be around because Darkwood is our home and we want to support those that come after us to make Darkwood even greater than she is now. 

Baroness Liesl and Baron Erick

PS just a side bar Baroness Liesl was sick at the event with a 101 fever.? If any of you catch strep easily you may want to see your doctor. I am sorry I didn't realize how sick I was till I got home and took my temperature.

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