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Answers to Questions submitted by the Populace of Darkwood:

1-      What is your vision for the future of the Barony? 
The theme for our time as Baron and Baroness of Darkwood will be 
growth of the Barony and its Cantons and to encourage personal growth 
of our populace. 
2-      What are your goals for the Barony? 
To encourage the well rounded growth of our populace in all aspects 
of the SCA. 
3-      What is your plan to encourage new members and encourage 
We hope to create an open and friendly environment welcoming all that 
wish to participate.  We will encourage and facilitate canton- held 
workshops.  In addition we will work with the Baronial and Canton 
Chatelaines to create newcomer activities. 
4-      Do you feel you truly have the energy and resources needed to 
meet the challenges of being Baron and Baroness? 
This is a very important question and one that a lot of thought was 
put into.  As many know Arabella had been lacking in energy and sick 
off  and on over the last few years.  As it turned out it was 
cancer.  After surgery to remove the cancer and 4 month of recovery 
her energy is better than ever. 
Financially we are in good shape.  We feel that we have the resources 
to comfortably do the job. 
5-      How do you propose to manage the storage space required for 
the regalia, feast gear and the Darkwood tower and walls? 
We have a good size back yard with plenty of room for both sheds.  We 
also have a walk- in closet ready for all the regalia that needs to 
be stored inside, as well as plenty of room in the garage.  As for 
the trailer, we are looking into local storage. 
6-      The Barony has a long history of support for the Principality 
and Kingdom in times of war.  What is your vision for the barony as a 
whole and the Husscarls in particular? 
As always the Barony will support the Crown and Coronet in the times 
of war.  We will encourage not only the participation on the field of 
combat, but also in the non- combative aspects of war, such as 
archery, siege cooking , equestrian, and other competitions.  The 
Husscarls are the army of the Barony.  Master Eric has been 
rebuilding the Husscarls over the last several months.  He has 
expanded the unit to not only include heavies and missile troops, but 
also allowed rapier fighters to join in as well. 
7-      What are your plans for the Children of  Darkwood? 
Arabella is the current Page School Minister.  Although she will be 
stepping down at Masked Ball, she plans to continue to take an active 
role at all Darkwood events with the children's activities.  We are 
also hoping to start foam weapon training starting at war practices 
and eventually expanding it to weekly fighter practices.  We have 
plans to start a Baronial Page program. 
  We will expand on these question and more at the Althing.  If 
anyone has any other questions for us please let us know. 
Master Eric Bjornsson and Baroness Arabella McQuharg

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