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Greetings good gentles of Darkwood,

Their Majesties are trying to promote A&S in the Kingdom by holding
a competition at October Crown.  The winner will be the Arts and
Sciences champion for one year and help promote A&S through out the
Kingdom.  They have come up with several really great and diverse
categories.  You can compete in all of them or just pick one.  Arts and
Sciences has not been the focus for a couple of years now and that is a
sad thing.  By entering we can show our support and hopefully help
breath new life into the A&S office. I know many of our populace do
arts and science but do not enter competitions for various reasons.
Some it is the documentation, others it is being nervous entering on a
Kingdom level, and various other reasons too long to put here. 

When we as a society stop learning or stop
sharing our knowledge we become less than what we can or should be. So
please let the Kingdom know by entering that in Darkwood we think the Arts and Sciences are important and enrich our re enactment. 

In service to the dream,

Baroness Liesl and Baron Erich

Greetings from the Crown of the West

We are currently trying to get an office off the ground, much like
the Western Rapier Champion. This is an important
endeavor to me personally. The office of Kingdom Arts and Sciences
has long been empty. We have created a new office/competition to find
this most need champion for the West Kingdom. The Cro
wn needs your 
help, in support of A&S in the West. Please enter the competition and 
help see the office off to a good start. Many came out and help out 
the Rapier fighters for the first ever Western rapier championship. We
hope Rapier fighters in the West Kingdom will come out in and do the
same for the A&S Community.

It is the Crowns sincerest wish, for this to be a spectacular event
for the A&S community for years to come.

Uther Rex

Populace of the West! Pay Heed! Their Majesties challenge all
subjects to compete in an Arts and Sciences Championship to be held
at October Crown.

The Champion will hold this position for one year and serve Their
Majesties by encouraging participation in the Arts and Sciences
throughout Their Realm. The Champion will be determined as the
competitor with the greatest combined score of all competitions
entered at October Crown.

In addition to the previously published competitions of:

•Period instrumental piece
•Armor, for people or animals

The following categories have been added for the Championship:

•Research Paper (no more than 10 pages) – can be any subject that is
of particular interest to you: a battle, shoes, fortifications,
jewelry, migrational patterns of Viking raiders, etc. You know
there is something that you have been itching to research.

•Textiles – can be: clothing, a favor, a loom, period tie-dye (if
you can document it).

•Ballistics – Might be: arrows, catapult, throw in your own id

•Period Private Parts – Etchings, underwear, you have a naughty
mind. Make it work!

You can enter as few as one or as many as all of the competitions.
As normal, documentation will be required for all entries. The
Champion will be decided upon at Crown and announced in Court.

Thank You!

In Service,

Your Arts & Sciences Ministers

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