[Darkwood-SCA] 12th Night Baronial Changeover

Tim Converse santiago at santiagosmagic.com
Tue Oct 28 18:02:13 PDT 2008

Greetings Darkwood!

As we get closer to 12^th Night the question has been asked about how 
the changeover will be handled. Baron Erich and Baroness Leisl have 
allowed Rose and I to make the decision on this. So we have pondered for 
some time, as is our way, and decided that first and foremost that this 
changeover should be about all of Darkwood.

Every Baron and Baroness, every Prince and Princess, every King and 
Queen can only exist by the will of their populace. Kingdoms do not 
exist, Principalities do not exist, Baronies do not exist without their 

Darkwood does not exist without you.

So we would like to ask that everyone who wishes to be a part of the 
changeover procession to please participate. You will already be in your 
12^th Night finery, but we would like to ask you all to bring your 
banners. We would also like each group seneschal to carry the banner of 
their group and we would like to see the Darkwood Banner carried as 
well, though we have a number of thoughts about who best to do so, and 
we welcome your thoughts on the choice as well.

We would like to see everyone simply walk up, lining the aisle. Erich 
and Leisl can then go up and proceed with the business at hand. We will 
follow. Once the changeover is complete the four of us will leave 
followed by all of you.

This is the basic picture we would like to see. Simple in ceremony, 
colorful and full of the populace of Darkwood.

If you do not have a banner do not despair. It is our intention to try 
and arrange a banner making workshop soon (we are working out the 
details of scheduling now, but we are targeting the weekend after 
Thanksgiving at the moment), and we will let you know how that ends up 
playing out. If you have suggestions for other dates please let us know 
as well.

Also, if you do not have a banner or are unable to get one made in time, 
please know that we still want you in the procession. As I have said, 
this is to be about all of us together.

We are looking forward to 12^th Night and to seeing all of Darkwood in 
grand display!

Thank you all,

Juan Santiago
Rose de LaMans

ps  If someone could forward this to the St. Davids list I would 
appreciate it.  I am not yet on that list.

pss  No banjos.  *smile*

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